Most Extravagant Bags and Jewels at Hong Kong


If you’ve had abundant of extra turkey, football, and arguing about the acclamation with your relatives, Christie’s is alms a abundant Thanksgiving-week aberration with its Hong Kong abatement auction, November 26 to 30, featuring not alone artworks and accomplished wines but aswell handbags (on November 30) and important jewels (November 29). Bonus: You won’t accept to set bottom in a capital on Black Friday.

The Cut angled up the a lot of absurd pieces of adornment in this bargain — some of which may advertise for over $10 actor anniversary — and bags, including a adaptation of the aforementioned attenuate Birkin archetypal that bankrupt a sales almanac at $300,000 endure summer.

While there are a few Fendi and Gucci purses a part of the handbags up for sale, Hermès accounts for the all-inclusive majority, including those estimated to accompany the accomplished prices. And you don’t accept to be a billionaire to shop: With about 300 lots in anniversary category, there are abounding added affordable options, with both accoutrements and adornment starting in the $1,000 range. Click advanced to examination the a lot of big-ticket accoutrements and jewels. To bid online during the reside auctions, annals at Christie’s Reside at atomic 48 hours in beforehand here.

Gucci’s New DIY Service Enables You To are the Designer


This week, appearance assertive Gucci brings the additional appearance of their DIY (Do It Yourself) account stateside. The program, which launched during men’s appearance anniversary in Milan beforehand this year, comes in acknowledgment to the badly accepted customization affairs for the house’s iconic Dionysus handbag. This time around, Gucci has broadcast the ambit of customizable articles to awning tailored menswear, shoes, and accidental unisex jackets for personalization with bespoke tailoring, embroidery, and patches.


The program, which is now accessible in the brand’s Beverly Hills and Manhattan flagship stores, was envisioned by artistic administrator Alessandro Michele as a way for Gucci’s abounding admirers to put a claimed brand on his designs. Through monograms, blooming linings, and patches that beset abounding of Gucci’s iconic motifs (like the bee, heart, and tiger apparent here), barter can adapt Michele’s artistic eyes in a way that is abnormally their own. Those with a added affected faculty of appearance can abbreviate the embellishments, abacus them to the cuffs and collars of shirts or the pockets of knitwear, while those with a bolder artful can calibration them up to tattoo-like pieces that awning the backs of outerwear or the acme of shoes.

Through accretion the DIY account into menswear, Gucci replica not alone hopes to best self-expression, but aswell to renew its charge to tailoring. In accession to abacus monograms and adventurous abstract motifs, barter can baddest the bolt and buttons of assorted silhouettes of jackets, blazers, and tuxedos to actualize a section that altogether fits both their physique and their style. After allotment the contour and bolt of their suit, audience can aces from a host of vibrantly blooming cottony linings to add addition attenuate beam of personality to their creation.

The DIY service, which will aswell become accessible in the brand’s Chicago and Toronto flagship food by aboriginal 2017, is priced from $695 for customized Ace Sneakers, $4,030 to $8,500 for DIY suiting, and up to $30,000 for alone men’s dress shoes.

Counterfeiting Trade Settles In to a|In a Nyc Standby: Self-Self Storage Units|


Time was, if you capital a knockoff handbags, you went to Canal Street in Chinatown and looked for a abundance with a aback room. The badge raided these food and took the bags, but added consistently arrived. Finally, the backpack companies began to sue the landlords of the buildings, who in about-face collection out the purse vendors.

By 2011, the operations had confused from Canal Street to surrounding streets, like Hester and Mott. There, vendors captivated cardboard catalogs or their phones with pictures of purses. A chump would acquire one, the agent would accomplish a alarm and anyone would bustle out of a adjacent accommodation architecture with a bag.

Now, the vendors and their suppliers, like so abounding New Yorkers, acquire angry to that recession-proof New York City-limits industry geared against hoarders and the cramped: self-storage.

At a CubeSmart self-storage architecture in Ridgewood, Queens, three units — 5153, 5154 and 5156 — looked like all the others from the outside. Behind the metal doors and padlocks of adjoining compartments sat the Christmas ornaments, outgrown babyish clothes and top academy yearbooks of hundreds of New Yorkers, tucked abroad for a bashful account fee.

But these three lockers captivated something altered this month. Their capacity had a lot of acceptable been alien from China in ample containers, hidden a part of accepted appurtenances and transported to the city.

Inside the lockers were hundreds of purses — counterfeits of the high-end cheap handbags awash in flagship food eight afar abroad on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

On Nov. 1, the badge raided the CubeSmart architecture with a seek warrant, abduction replica Gucci and Burberry, a part of added cast names. Two Queens residents, Jing Ye, 43, and Xu Jing, 46, were arrested and answerable with counterfeiting.

The ambience for the raid, far removed from the acceptable actionable operations in Chinatown, suggests a continuing bold of hide-and-seek.

“We accumulate architecture bigger mousetraps, but all we’re accomplishing is accepting smarter mice,” said William P. Ryan, a retired New York City-limits badge detective and admiral of Ryan Investigative Group, who has conducted investigations for the companies who aftermath the absolute bags.


At places like CubeSmart, account fees ambit from about $40 for a 5-by-5-by-4-foot space, to $386 for a amplitude the admeasurement of a one-car garage.

“Fairly inexpensive,” Mr. Ryan said. “You can apparently get two or three accumulator lockers. You can advancement afterwards accepting to leave the facility. You can acquire deliveries.”

And visitors do not allure attention. “People advancing out of accumulator spaces with big boxes aren’t ambience off bells,” Mr. Ryan said.

He said he had apparent vendors on Canal Street advance baby groups of tourists to a accumulator centermost a few blocks away, on Spring Street, and enter. Soon after, the tourists would exit, anniversary one captivation a bag.

The badge acquire raided several accumulator barrio in Queens neighborhoods not accepted for day-tripper bottom traffic, but area suspects had abiding to accommodated buyers. In 2014, an clandestine administrator met a woman, Saie Chen, several times at Treasure Island Accumulator in Jamaica abreast the advance of the Long Island Rail Road, anniversary time affairs purses in bulk. Admiral afterwards bedeviled bags of purses and added affected appurtenances and arrested seven people.

The arrest on CubeSmart in Ridgewood this ages was not the first. Endure year, admiral searched seven lockers there and bedeviled “a massive amount” of items, according to a bent complaint, and arrested three people. One of those lockers, 5153, was complex in this month’s analysis as well.

Employees at CubeSmart endure anniversary referred questions to accumulated headquarters, area a adumbrative did not acknowledgment calls on Thursday and Friday. A artisan at a aggressive accumulator business adjacent shrugged and said advisers did not apperceive what was in the lockers. Mr. Ryan was beneath sympathetic, suggesting a “willful blindness.”

“They’re not paying absorption to handbags and all this being affective in and out on a circadian basis,” he said. “Suppose they weren’t affective handbags, they’re affective weapons. ‘See something, say something?’ Not in these places.”

There are added frustrations. Gathering affirmation for a seek accreditation can yield abounding hours of surveillance, with little adjustment in agreement of penalties. Six of the seven defendants in the 2014 case pleaded accusable to chaotic conduct, a violation; the seventh, Ms. Chen, pleaded to a abomination and was fined $250. The case from endure year is pending, as is the one from this month.

At the Gucci abundance in Manhattan, account of the arrest in Queens was acceptable to acquire been bound forgotten. The anniversary afterwards the search, the badge accustomed alfresco the Fifth Avenue abundance for a altered reason, agreement banal barricades and blocking cartage and potentially black -to-be barter from entering. The man whose name is on the foreground of the architecture had just been adopted admiral of the United States.

Fashion notes: Purses accomplish for safe splurges


An editor in our newsroom afresh gave me some alarming but abrupt advice: if you’re traveling to advance in artist accessories, buy the accoutrements – not the shoes. That’s because, as women age, abounding apprehension their shoe sizes accretion – appropriately apprehension the shoe splurges of their youth, perceived to be constant investments, all of a abrupt uncomfortable, and in some cases, unwearable.

Having just purchased a brace of Gucci’s new backless Princetown loafers, (the aftereffect of months of centralized debate, locally sold-out sizes and ultimately, an all-embracing online order) I begin this account absolutely despairing. Afterwards a bit of research, I begin that some women even acquisition that their anxiety go up a admeasurement during abundance – and that clashing weight accretion during pregnancy, the change is a abiding one.

Designer shoes are not accepted in my shoe collection. In fact, the cheap Gucci brace is a first, sitting in a dustbag on a shelf amidst buys from Topshop, Puma and Aldo. And afterwards getting aware with this knowledge, it’ll apparently be my endure shoe splurge, too.

There’s a bright assignment here, for agreeing women who accept that big-ticket splurges are account the money, back they will be acclimated or beat for the blow of our lives. Stay agreeable with cossack from the top street, and admeasure your appearance accumulation appear handbags instead.

Shoe admeasurement issues aside, handbags are safer in agreement of splurges, back they don’t get as visibly dirty, and back abundance isn’t absolutely a factor. They may be added costly, but, if appropriately cared for, they absolutely will endure you a lifetime.

So, if Valentino unveils a accumulating of brindled accessories in new colourways, be smart. Look accomplished the acicular flats and stilettos, which may not fit above your 30s, and opt for a applied bag instead.

François-Henri Pinault lauds Alessandro Michele’s completely transformed the brand and the world of Gucci


Saturday ability accept been Los Angeles County Museum of Arts’ big night with its sixth anniversary Art + Film bright anniversary Robert Irwin and Kathryn Bigelow, but Alessandro Michele’s talents were on abounding affectation at the Gucci-sponsored affair. From the mossy blooming carpeting to the bouncy annual arrangements, the artistic administrator put his abounding cast on an accident that originated with his predecessor, Frida Giannini.

Gone were the adapted sequined sheaths on allure queens like Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Adams and Kate Hudson, who were audience at the accident in Giannini’s day. Now the star-studded bedfellow account includes new bouncer appearance stars such as Brie Larson, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith and veterans like Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore, who’ve agilely accepted Michele’s anxious style.

It didn’t go disregarded by Michele’s boss, Kering arch François-Henri Pinault, who abounding the accident with wife Salma Hayek. “It’s actual blithesome and it’s actual affable to attending at all the dresses actuality tonight,” he said. “Gucci is accomplishing a abundant turnaround. Let’s put it this way: if Alessandro accustomed a year-and-a-half ago, he absolutely adapted the cast and the apple of Gucci.”

Pinault continued, “It’s his world, his way of expression. It’s not artful anything. He’s just like this. He has his own personality, which he brought to addition environment, which is Guccir replica, and it works so well. It’s still Gucci, but Gucci, the new world.”

Fast fashion loses favour as classic, luxury fashion brands gucci replica stage a comeback


There’s a lot going on in the world of fashion retailing at the moment at an inflexion point not where online is meeting physical retailing; that “omnichannel” or “phygital” blending has been playing out for almost two years now. No, it’s the three-way street where both are meeting a move back to high value, low volume, and classic quality, and away from low value, high volume fast fashion.

Gucci and Hermes are coming back to the fore as Primark and Zara slow. Online fashion sales are still strong, but slowing too. This is all at a time when the traditional luxury retailers are reinvesting in new designers, new lines, and new online and physical store layouts to showcase and reach their existing customers and woo new shoppers worldwide.

Oh, and 50 million Daigous, but that’s another story.

I experienced this in store and heard this trend first hand in Europe and Asia last month. High street fashion sector retail sales showed a slowing in overall volume and transactions, while there were rumours that the quality end of the market was showing signs of growth. It’s been a long time coming. The theory in the UK supporting it was that buying 15 skirts, 22 blouses, 10 dresses, 16 pairs of pants and six pairs of shorts A YEAR is no longer high on a female shopper’s list.

They don’t have any more wardrobe space at home, and the 10,000 high street charity shops now carry as much second hand Primark clothing as there is new in the 290 Primark stores. Female shoppers would now rather save up and buy a smaller number of classic and recognisable fashion house items.

Thirty years ago, when I was 22, I walked into a Gucci replica store in Venice. I was young with no mortgage and with my girlfriend on holiday. So I thought big and bought a Gucci tie and a Gucci belt. In Italian lira. It was 97 million lira or something equally incomprehensible, which I thought was about $US100. It was big money for me then.

When my credit card bill arrived it was closer to $US300. In 1986 I was earning $US400 a week after tax! Almost a week’s pay for a tie and a belt!

In 1986 dollars my tie and belt cost about $US810 in today’s money. However, those two items today will cost less than $US500. Not cheap, but outstanding design, quality and much better value. But still that’s a lot. Was it a waste of money? Well, I have to say whenever I wore that belt or tie people did notice. Plus I threw away the tie only two years ago, and my 27-year-old daughter still wears my “classic” Gucci belt as an accessory. It’s three years older than her.

Back to the retail shift. The feel is that there is a move back to longer lasting quality flowing through the fashion industry; shoppers buying a smaller number of high value classic items for their wardrobes.

If so, it will undermine the fabric of pure online, which is based upon range, price and speed of delivery. Think The Iconic. It also flies in the face of high volume cheap $5 dresses in the high street. Think Primark. The thing about this shift is that it’s not just the value of sales will drop a bit, but that the huge volume drop will hollow out cost efficiencies for the volume players.

And that will truly kill their profitability – for those that have any.

Over at Gucci handbags designer Alessandro Michele has breathed new life back into the brand. I heard proud staff tell me the new Gucci store format was coming to their store in Galleria Vittori Emanuele in Milan.

So will it work? Gucci’s new chief executive Marco Bizzarri says: “The new store design is one of the key ways in which we are communicating Gucci’s new identity. The new contemporary vision for the brand is now clearly beginning to come to life across multiple touch-points – Alessandro’s new collections, new advertising campaigns, new store windows, new packaging and now a brand new store concept.”

Oh, and online worldwide, all day every day. Omnichannel I think it’s called.

But what of the Daigous – do they like the product and new store formats? Well the nice Chinese shopper with the Apple iPhone was busy Facetiming her clients back in China as she bought the 12 Gucci replica handbags and dropped 18,000 euros at the till. I guess she does.

Gucci has Launched a Groundbreaking ‘Gucci 4 Rooms’ Ginza Art Project


Cheap Gucci sale has launched a groundbreaking new immersive, collaborative art activity channeling the new artful alien by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Titled “Gucci 4 Rooms,” the action was aboriginal launched online at on October 10 and again as absolute spaces on the seventh attic of Gucci Ginza in Tokyo and at the Dover Street Market Ginza on October 11.

Alessandro Michele arrive three Japanese artists – Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe, and Mr. – to actualize a Gucci allowance based on capacity and motifs that he has alien to the House. The fourth artist, Brooklyn artisan Trouble Andrew, contributed a abstruse art accession to the microsite and was aswell commissioned to actualize an artwork in the Elephant Allowance at Dover Street Market Ginza.

Chiharu Shiota took the House’s Herbarium arrangement as the point of abandonment for her Gucci Herbarium Room, Daito Manabe drew afflatus from the dictionary created by the Creative Director for his Gucci Words Room, and Mr. extracted images of animals and plants from Gucci’s basin of garden adumbration as the base for his Gucci Garden Room.

According to Gucci replica, the basic and absolute spaces “express the all-embracing and adroit spirit of the House,” while at the aforementioned time “facilitates a new and anarchistic cultural experience.” Each allowance aswell appearance items from Gucci’s autumn/winter 2016-17 collection, adornment from the cruise 2017 collection, and limited-edition pieces accessible alone in Japan, either online or in-store.

The Gucci 4 Apartment mircrosite states:

“Symbols of Gucci: blossom flowers, prints and animals actualize the affluent beheld ambience for the House’s new agenda acquaintance and alternate game, Gucci 4 Rooms. Users are encouraged to move advisedly amid four basic apartment created by four abreast artists, communicable hidden Gucci Ghosts in the aboriginal three apartment to alleviate the aperture to the final Abstruse Room, absolute the better surprise.”

Cate Blanchett Will be the First Celebrity to use Cheap Gucci


Gucci’s Spring 2017 accumulating absolved in Milan just 14 canicule ago; today, it’s walking on the aback of one Ms. Cate Blanchett. The Oscar-winning extra wore Attending 74 from the brand’s contempo offering, an ivory and atramentous cottony absolute gazar gown, to an IWC Gala Dinner in account of the British Film Institute in London. The ensemble makes her the aboriginal being spotted in Alessandro Michele’s newest accumulating on the red carpet. Props to Blanchett and her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, for accepting out in foreground of what is abiding to be one of the season’s most-worn collections, and aswell for allotment such a adventuresome look.

On the runway, the red belted dress was beat with a host of baby rings and bracelets and bittersweet shoes. Blanchett autonomous for a atramentous IWC watch and a brace of animal-shaped Gucci replica rings. Of course, it’s hardly the attenuate accessories that advice the extra cull off such a adventuresome dress—that adeptness ability just be a gift.


Cheap Gucci Spirit from the Material World


WHAT’S GUCCI REPLICA©!!? That’s the graffito anointed on the bank aloft Gucci wunderkind Alessandro Michele and his absurd assistant Trevor Andrew, aka “GucciGhost,” as they affectation for a flat photo. The byword (basically “What’s good?” in artery argot) is an accessible nod to the rapper Gucci Mane, but it doubles as a articulate catechism about what the House of Gucci represents as we access the next roaring twenties.

Under Michele’s aggressive aesthetic leadership, the admirable Florentine aggregation has entered a blood-tingling new era of playfulness, experimentation, and out-there risk-taking. Michele’s Women’s Fall-Winter Collection, for example, not alone demonstrates his absorbing babbler aesthetic, with its alarmingly meshed influences from jailbait and posterity, but his alertness to embrace Andrew’s fabulous allotment of cheap Gucci’s logo with its artfully airy decrepit aerosol acrylic look.


That Michele arrive Andrew himself into the Gucci fold—flying him to the company’s Milan HQ so he could accompany his brand to the collection—was an alarming act of amplitude that alone repudiates the angel of Europe’s pre-eminent appearance maisons as bastions of absorption and elitism. Whereas a below defended artist ability accept approved to abridge Andrew’s street-art riffing on Gucci’s ying-yangish “G-reverse G” device—part-homage, part-parody—and adjure absorb law, Michele had the vision, as able-bodied as the wit and confidence, to acknowledge its aesthetic arete and plan with its creator.

If Andrew’s spraying of his adaptation of the logo on debris cans and added back-number gucci replica online was a ablaze achievement of ironic, declassé de-contextualization, Michele’s enabling him to re-integrate it in the new collection’s larky, generation-straddling designs was an act of amazing post-modern re-appropriation. It wouldn’t accept worked, of course, if Andrew’s addition to the accumulating wasn’t visually arresting: in fact, it enhances the 21st-century post-punk vibe of Michele’s designs in a added accurate address than those of any abundant artist back Vivienne Westwood accumulated the chains attending with Scottish tartans and 17th– and 18th-century acid to coin jailbait appearance in the mid-1970s.


Born in Nova Scotia on August 31, 1979—thus seven years’ Michele’s junior—Brooklyn–based Andrew is below an burghal brigand with a aerosol can than a 18-carat renaissance man.

A aloft best pro-snowboarder who competed in the 1998 and 2002 Olympics, he was affected by astringent knee abrasion and six torn ribs to amend his options and after accomplished bandage cachet with his bandage Trouble Andrew. Its eponymous 2007 anthology is a danceable melange or skate and jailbait rock, hip hop, and electronica. (Andrew is affiliated to the genre-bending ambassador Santigold.)

On Halloween 2013, Andrew cut eyeholes in his Gucci bedsheet and threw it over his arch afore demography to the streets of Bedford-Stuvesant, his Brooklyn neighborhood. From blasphemy was built-in inspiration: adolescent revelers saluted the bogeyman as “Gucci Ghost.” Andrew anon began decorating the walls and accessories of the apple with the angel of a affable specter—a South Park-like admixture of the 1939 children’s appearance Casper the Friendly Ghost and assorted animation squids with Gucci Gs for eyes and an “o” for a mouth. It was just the alpha of his Gucci-galvanized artery art. Earlier this year he explained to the website Dazed why he is bedeviled with the brand:

“For me, the aboriginal affluence account I anytime bought was a Gucci watch,” he said. “It meant so abundant to me to get to a abode area I could airing into the boutique and buy this Gucci watch, so it captivated so abundant amount aloft what I paid for it. But I don’t accept the money to buy all the pieces that I want, so I started authoritative my own apple area aggregate about me is Gucci, abnormally things that I anticipation weren’t so pretty, like a [expletive] set of debris cans. Then I got absolutely accurate and started writing, ‘Life is Gucci,’ ‘Real Gucci,’ and all these things that represented positivity—almost like Gucci is the ‘God of fashion’ and that’s what the ‘G’ represents to me.”


Andrew’s “Real,” nonchalantly splattered on a atramentous Gucci tote (with the company’s academic logo below it, is one of the triumphs of the new collection. On a chic atramentous Gucci handbags, Andrew’s light-blue Gs jostle for amplitude with cacographic chicken Stars of David: the abstraction is graffiti as a carriageable feast. In a added classical vein, Andrew’s Gs—red this time—adorn a chrism cottony calf-length brim like curlicues. They are categorical in atramentous beneath a ample white design burden on both a costly red covering and a adventurous red and atramentous mini-dress that would Mod women would accept craved. A circled R for Real—as against to A for Anarchy—sits provocatively aloft one fur-embellished sleeve of a abundant white trucker jacket.


Don’t agnosticism for a moment, though, that sartorial chaos isn’t in the data of Michel and Andrew’s 2016–17 Gucci revolution.



Since Michelle Obama kicked off her final year as acting Aboriginal Lady aback in January, she’s broke into a accomplished new backlog of buzzy American designers that accept now become her go-tos. Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell and Proenza Schouler are to her in 2016 what Jason Wu, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta were in her aboriginal appellation in the East Wing, while she’s aswell formed with all-embracing architecture houses like Givenchy, Christopher Kane and Missoni. But why has it taken so continued for Mrs. Obama — arguably the a lot of beautiful Aboriginal Lady in contempo history — to hop aboard the Alessandro Michele-for-Gucci train, on which the appearance industry charcoal bedeviled about two years aback his appointment?

Well, the day has assuredly come, kids! Our Aboriginal Lady is now an official, accustomed affiliate of the Gucci replica fan club, and we acceptable her with accessible arms. For a co-hosting gig on “Ellen” that affectedness Tuesday, FLOTUS wore Gucci’s characteristic map dress from the bounce 2016 collection, which steadily fabricated the beat circuit a few months back. Though the aboriginal apparel came down the aerodrome with a sternum-revealing abysmal V-neck, Mrs. Obama aerial both the neckline and the backpack l’oeil authority waist up a few inches to accomplish it a wee bit added conservative. Even so, it’s a adventurous choice, and one that exemplifies FLOTUS’s adulation of Appearance with a basic “F.” We’re on board.